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The majority of the distribution and manufacturing warehouses depend upon conveyor systems for their daily operations. However, like any other machine, even industrial conveyor systems can experience downtime and face technical problems. But luckily, companies can avoid these problems if they maintain their machines from the start.


1. Keep the conveyor belt clean

Many industrial conveyor systems cannot work correctly if the conveyor belts are unclean. A dirty conveyor is likely to slip from the underside. This is why it is essential to clean the belt to extend its lifetime value regularly. There are many tools like CIP systems, belt scrapers, or belt lifters that can help clean the conveyor system.

2. Make sure the motor stays clean

Even conveyor distributors will tell you that motors covered with dirt, dust, grease, or any by products can make it very difficult for the conveyor systems to work properly. Dirty motors get clogged very easily, causing the motors to overheat, which can eventually burn out, requiring the entire motor to be replaced. Therefore, sanitation teams should regularly clean the conveyor motor to ensure it works for long.

3. Ensure there is no belt slippage

The functions of a conveyor system are also affected because of belt spillage in case there is improper belt tensioning or a hefty product is loaded on the conveyor belt. This makes it crucial for the maintenance team to regularly check the conveyor system for belt spillage and tighten the belt. If the products are too heavy, it is always a wise decision to get a new conveyor system that can handle it. There are many custom conveyor system suppliers who design conveyor systems according to the company’s unique needs.

4.Replace any worn out parts

If the conveyor belt has been running for ages, one or two of its parts have likely broken or worn out, resulting in extended downtime. Accordingly, part of the maintenance process is to regularly inspect the conveyor system for any worn-out parts and replace them.

5. Lubricate the bearings properly

To ensure the conveyor belt keeps running, maintenance teams should properly lubricate the bearings. Neither over lubrication nor under lubrication are good for the bearings. This is why proper guidelines according to the manufacturers’ recommendations should be followed.

6. Ensure the system is installed properly

If the conveyor system is not installed properly, it might be the leading cause of its poor performance. Misalignment of conveyors, incorrect placement of the motor, or interference with other devices should be prevented.


A conveyor system is one of the essential machineries of any industrial operation. Want to get a custom conveyor system for your own company? Contact Heinrich Brothers today and get an affordable system according to your requirements.

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