On The Day Information

The following information will help ensure you get the most out of the event on the day.



If you have pre-entered via the website / British cycling go straight to the registration desk with your helmet and collect your registration pack and map.

Entry on the day

If you have turned up on the day and have not entered the event online, fill in one of the entry forms from the On The Day Registration Desk and give it to one of the members of staff there. Once you have paid, you will be given your registration pack and map. Please remember that our online prices are discounted and the on the day price is an additional £5. Please check the event page to make sure on the day entry is available. If the event is sold out, there will be no on the day entry.

Getting ready

Once you have registered you can get yourself and your bike ready to ride. Please remember to take the following items with you:

Spares & repairs

You should be carrying basic tools, inner tubes, and a pump to fix punctures or mechanical problems you may experience. A basic first aid kit is also recommended. Spare inner tubes and some basic spares are on sale on the day.

Food & drink

Make sure that you have enough food and drink for the ride. Additional drinks, snacks, and energy products are on sale on the day. Free energy drink and snacks are available at the feed station on the route, but you should carry enough food to last you the ride.

Once you are ready to ride, go to the start line.


Join the group of riders waiting to start.

The start marshals will start riders in groups at five-minute intervals.

Listen to any instructions and route information the start marshals give. Once you are instructed to, you can start the ride.

Course Markings

Once you set off from the event center the route will be marked with the use of arrow signs and marker ribbons. Arrow signs will be at all junctions on the route.

At certain points on the ride, the routes will divide into the standard and challenging routes. These route splits will be signposted – simply follow the signs for the particular route you have entered.

Although the routes are marked, we recommend that you keep an eye on your map. Although unlikely, it’s entirely possible for riders to miss turnings or for members of the public to interfere with signs.

Checkpoints & drink station

Dependant on the length of the route you have entered there will be 1-2 checkpoint/feed stations. These are indicated on your event day map and are well signposted along the route.

Checkpoints are also an opportunity take on board some energy drink/food. This should supplement the food and drink you’ve taken on the ride, and you should not solely rely on this as your only form of nutrition.

Route clearing

Approx. 45 minutes after the last rider starts, our team riders will set out to clear the route. They will be removing all route signs and markings at this point. On some routes we also remove the course splits at certain times. This is to ensure all riders make it back to the finish on time. Slower riders expecting to ride the Challenge route might find they only have the option to take the Standard route if they are really behind schedule.

Our team riders will stay behind the last riders and assist anyone who may be having problems. They will aim to have all route markings removed and all riders finished by approx. 4:00pm. Riders taking too long to complete the route may be directed back via a shorter route if it is deemed necessary by our experienced riders.


You will find contact numbers on your map and on the back of your number board. These numbers are for use in emergencies only. Please do not call these numbers for non-emergency situations.


Food and drinks are on sale at the venue should you need something other than the supplied energy products.